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At Veterans First Initiative, we understand our Veterans are exposed to horrendous situations and extreme violence. Sadly, many of them are going untreated for Suicidal IdeationsPTSD, TBI, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug abuse, and the inability to transition into civilian life. At Veterans First Initiative, our mission is to provide FREE Psychotherapy to our Veterans and help them assimilate back into civilian life. Remember, they are our family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. They fought for all of us, help us fight for them!

Since 2001, 2,448 died in combat  |  114,000 died by suicide | Help Us STOP Veteran SUICIDE

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-We value all our honorable service men and women

-Treatment is private, individualized, and at no-cost to our Veterans 

-We never turn away a Veteran that is in need of services 

-We ensure that our Veterans are not alone in their personal battles

-We treat our Veterans with respect and continual support

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An 86% increase in suicide rates among 18-34 veterans 

Since 2001, for every casualty in combat, 46 die as a civilian via suicide

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